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Computer Science

BotteLotte - a service robot Build and programming from ground up of an autonimous robot which can find its way around obsticals. (10)

Lightweight Chat Protocol - a peer to peer chat program (10*)


Moving Pictures - 100 square meter interactive room to enable anyone to clip a movie together, including sound. Including to large screens, a tree one can climb in to "pluck" the clips like fruit, a sensor-equipped floor area where one can move the clips around with ones' feet, and a sound area where one can pluck the sound clips out of thin air. (13)

Design of a program to avoid carpal tunnel and similar mouse/keyborad related injuries. (11)

Educational Studies

Den virtuelle konference om IKT og læring i gymnasiet - Online Collaboration - a week long online conferance for High School teachers all over the country about the use of IT in teaching (11)

International Cultural Studies

Projektopgaven i folkeskolen - empirical study of the new obligatory group work in Danish primary schools' 9th. and 10th. grades (10)

Identity and Discourse - Discourse analysis of the representation of immigrants in Danish newspapers

TV as a family member - study of television advertising targeted at children

The Mind and Body of Jane Blonde - mind/body interactions in the opinions of Aristotle, Plato and Descartes

Number in parenthesis is the mark (grade, for americans). Courses with no mark given are passed pass/fail or are volunatry courses.

(*) Mark is probably on the low side - I was offered a reexamination (which I did not feel was worth the time to maybe get a mark 1 higher) and the examinator was not re-employed

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