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Lannacombe to Kingsbridge

Sunday, September 18th, 2005

Our last long trip of the year was on the 17th September. We started through gentle surf on the beach at Lannacombe, paddled past Salcombe (the picture is on the east side as we enter the estuary), then up the estuary to arrive at sunset at Kingsbridge, where we rounded off the day with a fine dinner in the wonderfully bizarre decor of the Pig Finka restaurant. This is the last entry for 2005. Come back soon, we may have some stories from our whitewater adventures on the Dart.

Dartmouth to Looe

Monday, September 5th, 2005

On the 28th August we left Dartmouth heading west, not knowing how far we would get. In fact we made Looe in three days, about 80km. It was good weather until nearly the very end when the wind freshened and a threatening thunderstorm drove us to land in Whitsand bay, west of Plymouth. We spied a flag with CAFE written on it, in a most unexpected and desolate stretch of rocky coast. The surf was disconcerting but the food was good.

Before that we had dined in classic style in Mount Edgcumbe garden west of Plymouth,

But usually we just cooked on the sand, in the evening sun.

We camped on the shore. Here is our first campsite just west of Torcross:

Finally, we paddled in failing light and rising sea towards Looe: