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Neap tide tunnelling

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

Harriet out of tunnel

When the tide is right we can sneak under the Dartmouth – Paignton railway embankment (click image for original) into a small pool where we can practice whitewater tricks in the water rushing through the culvert, and also practice getting back into our boats if the tricks don’t work. Then we either have to wait for the tide to turn or paddle through the culvert against the tidal stream. That’s why our paddles have furry edges.


Some bold people just paddle down the tunnel even when a spring tide is rushing in.

It is a very effective one way street, with a shallow and very fast fall at the end. Fortunately there is another way back, as Adrian is demonstrating below.


The Mew Stone

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

ian on mewstone

We paddled out to lunch on the Mew Stone, 2km outside Dartmouth harbour. That is our marine mountaineer Ian standing on top.

And below is his view of us.

view from mewstone
It’s difficult to find a comfortable place to sit. And some of us made the mistake of giving our lunch pack to the motor boat that was dragging people around in a rubber ring for simple thrills.

lunch on mewstone

Click on the picture above for a closer view.

seal launch

Getting off isn’t straightforward either. One has to wonder how the seals avoid getting scratched.

Now it’s warm enough for serious play

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

emptying the boat

Now its June and we get wet. Here is Tim showing how to empty a boat and re-install the driver.