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Dartmouth to Brixham

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

The first thing is to inform the coastguard that a small fleet of very small ships is setting out.

calling the coastguard

A steady paddle through uninspiring weather brings us along the Devonian slate coast until we meet the spectacular limestone formations of Berry head. Click the image for the high resolution version.
Berry head limestone

The limestone is quite hollow.

Richard in cave at Berry Head

Sometimes it is risky to go into the caves because a climber may fall into the canoe. There are five climbers visible in this picture. You will need to click for the high resolution image to spot them.

Climbers at Berry Head high resolution

At the very top of the cliff, left of centre, is the masonry of the old Berry Head Fort.

Climbing the Mewstone and Pudcombe Cove

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Ian and Mike climbed the Mewstone.

two on top

Getting off was not so simple but after a wet first attempt Mike made an elegant seal launch.

mike's launch

Then westward to Pudcombe cove, below the National Trust house Coleton Fishacre. There are a couple of nice caves here. Ian chose the overhanging side for some climbing practice.

Ian's underground climb

Finally, a couple of cliff jumps before the really hard bit, battling a spring tide and 15m/s wind back to Dartmouth harbour.

Ian's jump

Rescue with two in the water

Sunday, August 6th, 2006

two in the water one on top

First step is to get one inverted canoe on top of the other. The top canoe is rocked to empty it.

arms across enter across
One person puts his arms across both canoes, one upright, the other still upside down.

The other person swims onto the inverted canoe and then over the upright canoe.

paddle confusion first one home

Spray deck on. Now its time to rescue the other paddler.