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Brixham Swimming Centre

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

The Brixham swimming pool has been renovated very stylishly, and renamed accordingly. ‘Pool’ isn’t splashy enough. Our first winter session attracted many people but there was just space to practice paddle tricks.

Fun in Brixham poolFun in Brixham pool



Sunday, November 1st, 2009

I joined the Vedbaek club for a weekend tour of the south Zealand archipelago, south of Copenhagen. This is an area of shallow water with humps of moraine making low rounded islands.

Our base was an old eel smoke house converted into a luxurious holiday house.

Eel smoke house, Gammel KalvehaveEel smoke house, Gammel Kalvehave

We were a group of 16. Second from the left is our hostess, Marianne, who part owns the house.


I made the mistake of borrowing a wing paddle with a large offset angle. After 20 km my wrist was aching so I feared I would have to land and ask someone to fetch me by car. Fortunately Robert is an enthusiast for the Greenland style paddle.

Greenland style paddleGreenland style paddle

He lent me his spare paddle. After a few more km, my wrist did not hurt any more and I was persuaded of the merit of this neglected paddle shape.

tim P