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Calm, warm and wet

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

When there is no wind and an outgoing tide at Dittisham, one can clearly see from the way the boats lie to their buoys the large eddy which diverts water which should be heading downstream through the nick seen on the left of the picture. It is not too difficult to paddle against the tide on the Dart, because there are many eddies, though not always in predictable places.

Dittisham eddy

Once out to sea the rain and warm sea encouraged roll practice.

roll practice

Heading back to Dittisham, on the day of the carnival, the rain had become persistent and forced the revellers to squeeze into a tent. Rain doesn’t matter to a kayaker, they are waterproof, and the rain calms the waves.

Ditsum festival

tim P

Happy birthday party

Friday, August 13th, 2010

The ladies, and a few gents, from Paignton had decided to try something new and challenging for a birthday party. However, all stayed dry. In spite of a series of challenges, such as creeping under a low bridge, which they chose to do all together.

Sandquay bridge

After that we ran around the canoe raft, and still kept dry.

canoe running

Finally we relaxed on shore.

Shrinking beach

It is always good to have a fixed time for closing a party, even when it is going well. In this case the 5m spring tide was shrinking our beach to certain extinction at 21:30, so we paddled back, our erratic steering concealed by the darkness, but hinted at by occasional cries of alarm and indignation penetrating the chatter which held the invisible group together.

tim P

Night of the shooting stars

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Pity the crabs. The dominant outdoor activity in Dartmouth in August is dropping a baited line from the waterfront and hauling up an ever naive crab.


We headed north west from this vision of childhood innocence, and careless cruelty, towards Stoke Gabriel for dinner. The 5.2m tide swept us up, against the wind, and into occasional shafts of late evening sunlight.

Towards Stoke Gabriel

The sky cleared for our return. The wind dropped and the ebb tide rushed us down to Dartmouth, heading for zero metres – right down to the tidal datum. That allowed us to rest our paddles and watch the display of the Perseid meteor shower, matched in the water by the sparse transient sparkle of phosphorescent algae.


tim P

Another boost for the local traders

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Here is the latest vast cruise ship to grace the port of Dartmouth. We ventured inside the 50m exclusion zone to chat with the passengers. We were both enjoying life in our own ways.

Ocean Princess


Playing in the cave

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

The sea was calm as we entered the narrow canyon under the bridge on the coast path west of Dartmouth. A friendly seal followed us in (just to the left of the paddle of the boat in the centre).

coast path footbridge

Deeper in the cave the reflection from the sky is suppressed, so one can see the seal through the clear water.

Seal in cave