Farewell to a National Trust sea mark

The little concrete bathing hut at Coleton Fishacre is no more. Another bit of early 20th century architecture destroyed by the waves.

Coleton fishacre bathing hut RIP

That did not stop Alex taking a brief dip in the 9C water. With a resistant relic of the old jetty in the background.

She wasn’t the only mammal in the water. Our young extrovert friend Euston seal made a welcome reappearance after many months.

Photo by Alex Watson

Then we nosed into the cave at Pudcombe cove.

Pudcombe cove cave

The metre high swell gave a pleasant lilt to our paddling and some zest to weaving between the rocks. Our lunch stop was at Scabbacombe.


Photo: David Jones

The sunshine became hazy as we returned to port after a wonderful spring day on the water.

Scabbacombe head