Lannacombe to Salcombe

Louise, Dave and TimP paddled from Lannacombe


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to Salcombe and back, about 16 km direct.

Salcombe south beach ferry and moving jetty

The ferry from Salcombe town to the south beach approaches the wheeled landing stage which chugs out to meet it.

The coast from Lannacombe to Salcombe provides dramatic and interesting scenery, dominated by the spiky metamorphic rock which weathers into unusual prismatic columns. There are many caves and passages between the rocks (high resolution image) .

A canyon below Decklers Cliff

There have been many wrecks. Here are the remains of the Demetrios, wrecked in 1992.

Remains of the Steamship Demetrios

The southernmost point of Devon, Prawle point has a fine arch, which can be penetrated by brave paddlers. There is often a considerable swell, and there is also a moderate tide race around the point. On this occasion the swell shot through with high velocity, aided by the strong tide up the Channel.
The arch at Prawle Point