Cropping the Dart

An unseasonably warm but windy November day started, as so often on the Dart, with a melancholy vista of bare branches, mist and veiled sunlight.

bare trees greenway

Dartmouth is a naval town, so Remembrance Sunday was marked by a marching band and veterans walking behind banners. In the harbour a mysterious naval vessel towered over the town. It looks like an icebreaker, with helicopter pad to scout for open water. Water cascades from the anchor port, perhaps hot water to melt the ice.


The Dart at low spring tide is a busy place. Here soft shell crabs are fetched from under the short lengths of drainpipes which they like to burrow under.

soft crab collecting

Further up river the oysters are being shaken in their wire envelopes. This spreads them out, knocks off the sharp corners and prevents them growing together into a massive lump.

shaking oysters