Berry Head

The first long expedition came late this year, because of unstable weather. We took sea kayaks and covered canoes from Dartmouth to Brixham, starting with a detour around the mew stone.

seals and shags

The adult seals were wary and aloof while the pup was friendly and curious.

The coast east of Dartmouth towards Scabbacombe is rugged, with numerous rocks which form an inside passage.

Inside passage

We lunched at Man sand.

man sands lunch

At Sharkham point the spectacular Devonian limestone cliffs begin. The strata are mostly vertical and tightly folded.
louise at sharpham point

There is a vast cave under the southern fort on Berry Head. There are three entrances (at least).

ian in berry cave

It was a gentle trip with following wind and tide. Three of us paddled back from Brixham to Dartmouth, against the tide and a stiff breeze and choppy sea. But the sun shone intermittently and the Dart estuary sucked us in with a typical sudden change of wind direction.

Tim P.