Welcome aboard Mr Bond, we were expecting you!

We passed by the Skat, a fine modern example of an oligarch’s toy as the crew were meticulously cleaning the sides. The side bays towards the stern were open to release the concealed motor boats. The helicopter was being prepared for take off, the multiple dome covered antennae tuned to the master’s broadcasts from the planet Krypton.

Grey ship

Further upriver the Nahlin, a graceful relic of the 1930’s, finely restored, provided contrast.

1930's ship

Further upriver still we passed the scorched evidence of a recent fire along the railway line, caused by a spark from the coal fired engine.

Fire line

We paddled up with the tide, and sometimes with the wind, to scrape over the tide mill dam at Stoke Gabriel and then took a leisurely tea break until the rush of water over the dam became still, so we could return to Dartmouth with the outgoing tide.

tim P