The South West Canoe Show

The colourful stands of weirdly dough shaped playboats were well displayed against the horrible trash-pompous backdrop of the shop and luxury apartment complex on the Exeter waterfront, its facade much, but alas temporarily, improved by the scaffolding netting.

SW Canoe Show

All tastes were represented, including this fully equipped fish-on-top with fishfinder and positionfinder, and much else of fancy equipment.

fishing canoe

At the ultra-orthodox end of the scale, was a nicely tied Greenland style kayak.

greenland cockpit

There were few innovations in the modern sea kayak class. P&H offer the Delphin as a hybrid sea, surf and rock garden play boat. Here is the chief of the Dartmouth canoe club, Tim Freeman, exposing the underside, showing bow-only chines and a bulbous bow to stop it diving into the trough of the wave. The bow normally rides high above the water, so for sea kayaking on calm water one needs a crate of ale in the forward hold. Even without ballast, the boat is heavy, being built to withstand battering on rocks and beaches.

tim in delphin

tim P